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About me

My name is Lucia, I am 48 years old and a mother of 2 teenage children.

Since I was eighteen, I worked in various International companies at home and abroad. I have always been very active and combined my studies at University with my job, while playing a lot of sports and enjoying a very active social life.

My life changed dramatically when my son was born, going from being an Independent career Woman to the role of a Mother and now very dependent on my husband as the “bread-winner” of the family. However, my goal was to find a way to balance my role as a Mother and still have a career that would fit into my busy home life. I looked for a business vehicle that would allow me to work wherever and whenever I chose. So I began to search for a business model that would allow me to work easily from my mobile phone, allow me to choose my own time schedule, with unlimited earning potential, and still allow me to be a Mum and partner.

My plans for a business of my own and maintaining some feeling of Independence just didn’t happen, no matter how much I tried. All my time was taken up with the care of my first child. I felt my financial Independence had been lost and my social life was now replaced with piles of Nappies! I loved every moment with my son at home and I was blessed that I didn‘t have to go back to work for financial reasons. But there was still a huge piece missing in my life and I continued to dream of having my own business, without sacrificing my wonderful relationship with my son. Somewhere deep down in my soul, I needed to find something that would make me feel fulfilled!

After two years, my daughter was born and I resigned myself to forgetting my dream and after maternity leave, which is 3 years in my country, I returned to work as a buyer for a perfumery company, buying perfumes, skincare, and makeup products. I was enjoying my role but I had no free time and as I approached 44, my thoughts again returned to my dream of having my own business and finding my own path to time and financial freedom.

After all my life experiences, I was absolutely convinced that women can have a career without sacrificing their family life balance. They should support each other, not compete with each other, because together we can work miracles. Plus I loved the idea of having my own beauty business that I could build from anywhere in the world.

My motto is “Keep it simple”. I like cheerful, positive people, sports, beautiful places and I like to travel and create things that make sense.

If you can relate to my story and would like to know more, I would love to meet you and show you how I made my dream come true! SEND ME A MESSAGE and discover a world of new possibilities.

About the business.

I believe in the laws of the Universe and they say that if you can imagine it in your mind, you can have it in your life. My vision has become a reality and I will be happy to share it with you. There is no competition in this business because no one can be you, you are unique! From the day I knew this dream was possible; I knew it was time to put it all together and I can absolutely show you how to do the same too:

What are your goals/dreams?

    • What would you need to earn to make a significant change in your life?
    • Would you like to have your own income and still balance your time with your children?
    • Would you like to look and feel great with some amazing beauty products?
    • To have true financial freedom?
    • To have a business you can build from any location, with just a mobile phone?
    • To have a work & family life balance to enjoy true time freedom?

I am now able to have all this, an amazing business that works alongside my new social life, sharing, helping other women build successful businesses, having time for myself and my loved ones, travelling, independence and a life filled with choice.

My vision has been transformed into a business in which women inspire, support each other and don‘t have to compete with each other. Because together it‘s so much easier and there is enough for everyone. We have a strong and stable business partner that makes our journey easier.

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Is this the right choice for you?

    • Do you feel like you want more from life?

    • Do you want more free time?

    • Do you want to earn more than you have now?

    • Are you sometimes on social media?

    • Do you have friends?

    • Do you want to learn new things?

If you answered YES to most of the questions, you are on the right track. Send me an email to and I will tell you more.

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What do you get completely free?

    • Proven Business support system
    • Sophisticated system that will lead you to success
    • Personal growth
    • Great friendships
    • Free coaching

Do you want the best from life or are you satisfied with an average or even just a lower than average life? It’s up to you. You write the script for your life. Maybe you are looking for additional income, or you are looking for new forms of business without risk, or you want to have more time for your hobbies. Whichever the case, I have a tool that can help you achieve your goals and I offer you support every step of the way along this path.

Are you ready to start writing a new chapter in your life? It’s easy, just send me a message via the form here on the page, via Facebook or Instagram and we will arrange a meeting, in person or online.

I look forward to your message and chatting to you soon.
Lucia xx

    At the end, we always regret the chances we didn't take.